My favorite place

My favorite places can’t be considered posh/grand/touristy. Rather, they’re quite dingy/crowded/places where i can easily make friends or most likely, places that are associated with food.


Bang-Mi to-go

3 Hours before our flight back to Manila, I hopped on a moped for a quick stop at Huynh Hoa. I ordered 5 Banh Mi to-go as pasalubong to my fam. I really wanted them to have a taste of Vietnam bc they weren’t able to come with me. I was a bit worried the airline won’t let me hand-carry the food bc of the pungent smell. But they did anyways, so ‘twas all good.

Sometimes I amaze myself for doing extra.😅

Pro travel tip: Saigon

Pro travel tip: if you’re a foodie and a sucker for high altitude views/ breathtaking cityscapes, get yourself a nice dinner at Strata Restaurant on the 50th floor, Eon51 Restaurant on the 51st floor or head up to Alto Heli-Pad Bar on the 52nd floor instead of paying for entrance fee for the observation deck on the 49th floor. It will cost you less to buy food and drinks. Surely you’ll find it more satisfying/enjoyable to look at the panoramic view of Saigon with a full stomach. Food’s Great, btw. #experientialpurchases

Hibernation Time; Winter Has Come


There are certain emotions that I don’t allow myself to feel in order to adjust and avoid conflict with another soul and more importantly to maintain inner peace. But it is inevitable to stumble upon these feelings. When i do, I count one to ten, let it in and wait until it die down. Sometimes it is an endless influx. And the only justification I can give after all is that: to feel is to be human.

rn I feel consumed. I was hoping to feel indifferent. Til then, it’s high time for a hibernation. How is it possible that even in a very tropical country, winter can come? Okay, time to go, I think I’m done.

Red Ginseng Tea

tumblr_p0d53fSFYX1qigti6o1_1280During our home visit to Dr. Choi’s humble abode, i was feeling sick that day. I had a terrible headache, colds and flu. I could have stayed at the hotel to rest but I thought it would be rude to decline such an invitation. I smiled and forget about how I was feeling that day. Got on my bubbly/happy self mode and socialised with them like a normal human being. We had traditional korean tea, ate pear, korean snacks and had a wonderful chitchat. I also got to taste an authentic korean red ginseng. They said that it’s good for health. Since I was feeling a bit sick I drank it. It was awfully bitter as blood at every sip. I didn’t like the taste but finished it anyway. I told them that I was not very fond of the taste but thanked them for the experience.